Clearing leaves for gutter maintenance in Perth

Blue West Roof Restorations - Getting Out Of The Gutter, Literally

Expert Gutter Maintenance in Perth

In most situations and phrases, being in the gutter is definitely not a good thing. Whether it is your mind, a bowling ball or your financial situation, it is life's best practice to get out of the gutter as soon as possible!

With Blue West Roof Restorations, the same rings true!

Let us help clean out your gutters and restore your roof to maximise the efficiency of your guttering system and roof protection.

Problems Of A Neglected Gutter

Neglected gutters don't function properly and cause a lot of problems and money.

Neglected gutter problems:
  • Leaves, dirt and debris collect in the middle of gutter causing a blockage, water is unable to pass through.
  • Blockage creates water to collect and added weight, which could damage gutter and roof.
  • Leaks form at the blockage location, and possible waterfall effect along other points of the gutter. (risk to foundation and landscaping)
  • A blockage can also form at the intersection of gutter and downpipe, causing a clog. 
Solution: Regular scheduled gutter maintenance.

Benefits Of A Maintained Gutter

A gutter is a very beneficial piece of equipment and easy to take care of if done frequently.

Benefits of a regularly maintained gutter:

  • Connected to the downpipes, gutters help organise the despensing of excess water from your roof to a desired location. 
  • Gutters prevent water from damaging the buildings foundation (waterlogging) as well as surrounding landscaping.
  • Regular inexpensive maintenance can prevent very expensive repair or restoration.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor, and have regular maintenance performed on your gutter at least once a year!

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