House Front View After Full Roof Restoration

    Blue West Roof Restorations - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Is your work guaranteed?
    Yes! We stand behind the products, that is why we give a 10-year warranty!

    1. Do you charge for a quote?
      No, our on-site consultation and quote are completely free.
    2. How much will a roof restoration cost?
      As every roof requirement and layout are different, we quote each job on an individual basis. Our on-site consultation will discover the size and pitch of the roof, it's height as well as the number of repairs required. These are all figured in our custom free quote for your roof.

    3. How long does a roof restoration take?
      It depends on the surface area of the roof, but on average a restoration takes approximately 3 days.

    4. What about overspray?
      All gable ends are hand painted which minimises the risk of any overspray.

    5. What products do you use?
      We only use top of the range Dulux roofing products.

    6. Why is the roof membrane glossy?
      To duplicate the look of a new roof and ensure that you get the best quality finish, our roof membrane finish is glossy.

    7. What colours are available?
      We have a variety of 35 colours to choose from (see image below).

    8. Will you clean up afterwards and remove all the rubbish?
      Yes, all rubbish will be removed. Attention to detail is our number one priority!

    Guaranteed Products With 10-Year Warranty

    35 Colours Available
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    Dulux AcraTex Brand Logo
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    Blue West Roof Restorations are proud to be registered, certified and licensed users of the quality products and serices of InfraCOOL®, Dulux® AcraTex® and Next Generation Technology®.
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