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Roof Re-Sprays & Tile Replacements in Perth

1. Gutter Cleaning

This step is first and possibly most important. We clear your gutters of any leaves and other debris that have collected with time.

When debris creates a blockage, the water then overflows from the gutter before reaching the downpipes, causing leaks and frequent repairs.

To avoid more frequent roof repair, make sure regular maintenance is done frequently.

2. Repair & Replace

We climb on the roof and replace any broken, cracked or damaged tiles that aren't salvageable. Leaving damaged tiles in place could make the finished product not as reliable as it could be, which is why it is important to have a roof tile replacement step. 

Replacing with new tiles will ensure the quality and reliability of our product and your roof. 

For this reason as well, we will replace all stink pipes and flashing.

3. Pressure Washing

Our high pressure water pumps blasts the roof surface to thoroughly break through any dirt, moss and lichen that has collected with time. 

This allows our product to solidly adhere to your roof's surface to provide the best possible application necessary.

This will also extend the life of your roof!  

4. Re-bedding

Re-bedding is simply reapplying cement under the ridge capping and other places where the previous seal has been damaged. 

All restorations do not need re-bedding. Removing old cement could compromise the ridge cap and tiles, causing more work.

We simply add the flexible material over current surfaces to make a stronger foundation. 

5. Re-Pointing

With time and weathering elements, your roof pointing will crack, weaken and destruct. Pointing protects your roof space from leaking water by sealing your ridge caps.

We find a flexible pointing mortar to best complete the job. It also comes in many colours to choose from.

This flexible adhesive seals the ridge cap, sticking to the tiles and is perfect to expand/contract with changing climate.

6. Spin Ventilator

Installing a spin ventilator on your roof will give your roof space cool air. Effective all year round, they remove humid moisture and replace it with a cool breeze. 

Stagnant air get's muggy and hot. A cool breeze keeps are moving, making it feel cooler, just what is needed on a hot summer day.

Ask our specialists how a spin ventilator would best fit your roof space.

7. Prep Treatment

Prep treatment is applied on all tiles and ridge capping before the primer to make sure the surface is clean of any mold and moss spores are completely destroyed.

This step is necessary to prepare the roof surface before the actual coating is applied. 

A cleaner surface will ultimately provide you with the best overall product and results.  

8. Apply Primer/Sealer

All preparations previously have strictly been for this step. 

Here is where we coat the entire roof with an acrylic primer. This primer will provides a strong adhesion as it fills every hole, crack and crevis. It also prepares your home for roof re-sprays.

If any dirt or debris were left on the roof, the overall product structure would be compromised. Thus the importance of all previous steps.  

9. Painting Roof With Dulux® 962 Roof Membrane

The final step in the roof restoration process is simply painting the roof. Covering up all sky lights and solar panels, we apply 2 coats of paint to ensure the ultimate protection.

However, we didn't do all that prepping to simply just paint a roof at the end. The product we use is the icing on the cake! Our roof re-sprays can keep your Perth home looking fresh and reflect the heat from the sun.

We use Dulux® 962 Roof Membrane, which has proven to provide fantastic results and a product with a 10-year warranty/guarantee.

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